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DUO Geona & Milita Together
DUO Roberta & Helena Together
DUO Pink & Carly Together
DUO Laura & Ramya Together
DUO Star & Carla Together

Get a real bi-sexual escort duo

If you’re going to book two ladies to entertain you then you’re likely to want them to interact in some way or other. We believe that if you want two babes, you should get the real deal if they’re going to interact with one another. Two beautiful young elite women who are clearly sexually attracted to each other is a very distracting yet entertaining sight to see; any of you who have booked two escorts before will already know and appreciate what we’re saying.

Going out with your duo escorts?

If you have the money, why not take your girls to dinner? Can you imagine how it feels to have two elegant young women, perhaps one blonde and one brunette, whispering sexy things in each other’s ear and flirting with you? You’re not going to be able to eat dinner fast enough if you’re a little impatient, however if you wait, the simple anticipation of what might happen back at your hotel room will drive you to new heights of imagined, sexual gratification. The mind is the first and most exciting erogenous zone gentlemen, so give it some attention and don’t rush yourself!

Ensuring your call ladies enjoy themselves

Make no mistake about it, it’s pretty likely that the companions you choose are going to enjoy themselves, whether you take them for dinner or not. Just imagine for a moment if you were alone with just one of them. Would you be happy in just her company alone? Of course you would! This is how the other girl feels about being with her “friend” whilst being pampered and entertained by you. It’s a bonus for the girls too!
Having a London escort duet in your hotel room is enough to drive you completely mad with desire! Watching them engage each other in conversation, or perhaps even offer you a four hands massage whilst they make themselves more comfortable, so to speak, will be something you are unlikely to forget as long as you live!

Spend the night with more than one call girl! Get in touch and let them take you to heaven!

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