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Enrichetta's Review 1
1 review
Date of visit 03 Sep 2018
Time of visit 02:15PM
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 8 out of 10
Performance 9 out of 10
Reviewer Bob
Comment She knows how to roleplay, in truth. She is not like the others who would only roleplay for fun, but she does do a lot of roleplay with me, no matter what the reason for it is. Her body is also to be enjoyed, especially those large breasts of hers. And gods can her mouth make me feel pleasure. Just the sight of her made me hard in all the right places and the smell of her still lingers in my nose 2 days after enjoying her and might linger for months to come.
20 yrs
Paddington W2
38B Bust size
Young Slim Party Toys
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