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Barbara's Review 3
3 reviews
Date of visit 12 Jan 2019
Time of visit 2:00 AM
Duration of visit 1.5Hours
Looks 9 out of 10
Performance 10 out of 10
Reviewer khann
Comment Betty is what you call a femme fatale, she attacks you with an onslaught of pleasure and teases you until you want to ravish her. She is really one of a kind, I love how she didn’t dawdle on petty talk and massages, she went for the kill. I did not hire her for much time, to begin with, however, the way she handled our meetup made it seem to last forever. I definitely want more of erotic games and fierce nature. I am already saving up for the next meet up.
24 yrs
Paddington W2
(Busty) 34D Bust size
Eastern European
Massage Party High Class
Barbara's Review 2
Date of visit 05 Jan 2019 Review by: robandy
Time of visit 1:00 AM She was as beautiful as the sunny sky and had a great personality to boot. Her experience with handling a man’s body really gave me a good time. She wasn’t ashamed of her kinks and shared a great time playing with each other’s bodies. I would definitely recommend to get her for the night if you want the full experience of her escort skills.
Duration of visit 1.5 Hours
Looks 10 out of 10
Performance 10 out of 10
Barbara's Review 1
Date of visit 02 Jan 2019 Review by: Josh
Time of visit 2:30 AM Powerhouse of a lady, this one. She had so much energy that I was the one that had to call the quits, while she was the one who wanted to please me more. In the end, I just sat back and watched her do the job for me, she gave me pleasure, and made me laugh during our time. Even now, thinking of her witty attitude brings a smile to my face, I must say she had a great attitude to match her hot body. She had the experience of a woman who knew how to please a man without even noticing. I did not know where my evening went, but I do know is I want her back, and I want her back for more time next time so she can have her way with me.
Duration of visit 1 Hour
Looks 10 out of 10
Performance 10 out of 10
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